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about elle,

Elle Marie is the Founder and Owner of Elle Marie Spa. She has been professionally working in the industry making clients happy and healthier for over a decade now. After studying under some of the greatest massage therapists and spa experts in the world in New York City, she decided to take that knowledge to South Bay and open up her own Wellness Spa centered around bringing everyday individuals “Affordable Luxury."

Elle Marie Spa's business plan developed while Elle pursued her degree in business (bossbabe!)⁠.

In a nutshell, Elle dedicates her time to teaching, mentoring others and giving back to her community. Her genuine passion for her craft fuels her every day and allows her to bring her best self forward in both business and in life.

our spa vision,

Her vision is to help people understand that coming to a Spa should NOT be a ‘once in a blue moon’ splurge on yourself, getting facials and massages should regularly be incorporated into your monthly health routine to promote happiness, longevity, and heath!

Elle Marie Spa is your has-it-all Spa which is why we're considered The Gem of South Bay. Between our quick but effective treatments at the bar and our longer, more nap-worthy treatments in our treatment room, you will not run out of options for whatever mood you're in. ⁠⁠Let us treat you to a little self care TLC!