All About: Our Oxygen Facials

A breath of fresh air for your skin.

We need oxygen to live; so does our skin. An oxygen facial uses hyperbaric oxygen (highly pressurized oxygen) to infuse a hyaluronic acid serum into your skin. Pure oxygen creates a pressure bubble on the surface of the skin which helps the serum deeply absorb into the skin.

Oxygen Facial Treatments are a must-have for healthy skin, which is why we include an oxygen infusion with every facial.

Best for…

All skin types (even sensitive), most skin conditions and skin issues can benefit from an oxygen facial. You can get it anytime and for any occasion:

  • In-between facials to maintain your glow
  • When you’re feeling a bit hungover as this is a hungover cure for your skin
  • When your skin looks tired and lacklustre
  • As a starter facial for teens who want that luxe experience

The Experience

We offer different treatments with which you can experience our oxygen infusion.

 Classic Oxygen Facial — Performed in our skincare bar, this 20-minute facial is the perfect pick-me-up after a long week, or to prepare your skin and inner diva before a night out.

 Signature Oxygen Facial — Performed in our treatment room so you get the full spa experience that comes with it. Deep cleanse, extractions, face mask, hand treatment and more. An amazing reset to give your mind a well-deserved break while you treat your skin.

For a more intense treatment, try our Classic or Signature Microdermabrasion Oxygen Facial (our clients’ favorite!) With it, you’ll get a deep exfoliation treatment followed by a refreshing and hydrating oxygen infusion for a true Hollywood glow.

Elle Marie trains her entire team so no matter who your esthetician is, you’ll get Elle’s distinctive touch and her 25 years of experience every time.

The Results – Healthy, glowing skin

An instant glow with zero side effects or recovery time, you can even apply makeup right after (although we don’t recommend it, for better results go bare-faced for 24 hours). An oxygen infusion will even out your skin tone, soften fine lines and diminish sun damage with results lasting between four to six weeks. This is perfect in between more intense exfoliating treatments to help your skin heal and maintain its health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of an oxygen infused facial?

Oxygen is anti-inflammatory and can reduce irritation. The serum infusion helps reveal ultra-hydrated skin. Therefore fine lines are diminished, the skin is glowing, and overall your skin looks reinvigorated.

2. Do oxygen-infused facials help with acne?

YAS QUEEN! Oxygen is anti-inflammatory, and an oxygen facial is healing and extremely hydrating — the perfect recipe to treat breakouts. You’ll notice the redness surrounding a breakout area diminishes, and inflamed pustules will go down in size. Keep in mind though, an oxygen facial is not a treatment for acne, you should still have a skincare routine that helps target your acne concerns.

We also offer an Acne Facial that includes an oxygen infusion.

3. How long do results last from an oxygen infused facial?

The results of an oxygen facial last 4-6 weeks. A proper skin care regimen can extend the benefits of facials.

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July 10, 2023 — Elle Marie
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